The Water in the Well – Chapter 1

Recently I have been dreaming about snakes. Snakes that move from side to side, their skin bold and designed. God’s creation, beautiful but dangerous and poisionous. If anything, frightening and silky. I saw a black snake, then I saw a green one. Why do I dream of snakes? Have you ever dreamt of snakes? My mother tells me, snakes represent birth of a newborn baby in the family or an encounter with an enemy. This all depended on the colour of the snake. In my dream I see a well, and in that well I see a large snake spiralling the stairs – as if dying of thirst, the snake drinks the water in the well. Its just like that. The snake drinks and drinks, my vision become blurred. I almost forget that I am dreaming and look deeper into the well. The snake stops, and looks up at me. Now imagine what could of happened. Either the snake would jump up and swallow my entire face to body or go back to drinking the water. But no. The snake stares right into my eyes and watches me from below the well. The water glistens and turns into gold. The snake looks now at the gold and slithers on top, creating a circle like shape. Then the snake dissolves into the gold. Suddenly the gold reforms into a chain. I go down the well and pick up the chain, I look at it before putting it around my neck. I tied the chain around my neck and looked up proudly. I was now wearing a gold chain on my neck. But before I could enjoy the moment, the chain starts to strangle me, it strangles me so hard I loose my breath. I look at my neck and it is no more a chain, but the snake. I was fooled, I was fooled by its appearance. Now I was dying my own death, because I thought it was safe to wear something around my neck that was previously dangerous. 

We humans don’t see it. But my moral – People don’t change. No matter how hard they try, deep down – they are who they are. 


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