The journey


(Rajasthani Paintings & Murals)

Heera. You can call me Heera or Heer, I don’t mind. Because that is not my real name, however I wish Heera was my name. I am hiding my identity, because I would like you to find me in the words I write and deliver, I don’t wish to be a visual interest. You will embark on a mystical journey with me, in the name of Heera. Heera, which is the person I bound to be, will perhaps – somewhat look like the lady below.

– Heera

I have always wanted to be mystical. I was kindly inspired by a book that I started reading recently (hence the title of my blog РSweet Blasphemy) to become more spiritual. To understand the divinity of love, art and God. Perhaps I am dwelling too much of the past, the history that maybe did or did not exist. But by writing the words I do today, I feel a sense of relief. I feel like I was destined to write what my mind thought and felt was justice to my heart. Again, nevertheless I am just enlightened to invite you all to my world, my world that is filled with words that distance itself from words, but become visually blurred and perhaps poetically confusing.

I chose to insert the photo of the Rajasthani ladies at the top, simply because I believe their eyes spoke. It didn’t have to be a mona Lisa painting, it just had to be a mural from the history. History speaks without speaking. Hopefully my words will speak, without speaking too.


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